Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun in the sun!

Thanks to all the time we spent outdoors in the backyard last summer, the dogs have become very proficient at digging in the dirt. Their favorite spot is this shady area next to Julian's play house. Julian doesn't seem to mind; in fact, he's benefited from the dogs' actions. The dirt (when dry!) is really lose, and the hole has really grown in size. Julian grabs his "sandbox" toys and digs right in. Here he is with his safety glasses from Lowe's as it was a breezy day and he was tired of rubbing dirt out of his eyes. The outfit was of his own doing too!
Lots of dirty fun!

A little clean fun, too!
Concentrating while climbing at the playground.
Give a kid a shovel, and he'll spread mulch around for you!

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