Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What sound does a lion make?

It was like I was on a safari this week -- twice I went to the Zoo. My favorite part? you ask. Well, that would have to be a tie between running down (a little unstably at times) the wide wooden ramps around the animal enclosures and walking "off the beaten path" to tickle myself with the tall savannah-like grasses. From the grin on people's faces, I'd say I was as much fun to watch as the animals. At least, M thought so!

My backyard has become habitat to many wonderful creatures too. M uncovered a little garden snake while mowing the grass last night - it was only as thick as her little finger and maybe twelve inches long. I have been pulling cicada shells off the tree trunks to admire them - and then squish them between my probing little fingers. I crawled under the picnic table to pick up an itsy bitsy cricket. Daddy long legs are in abundance, especially around my play house. A rather large frog was hopping around but slipped through the fence before I could catch it and stuff it in my pocket. Darn!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanging around outdoors

I feel like such a five year old...wait a minute, I'm only 16 3/4 months still....but, I've been watching those other kids on the playground and I can make up my own cool tricks too! Here I am just hanging out on the swing. Notice the mustard bottle that I've been carrying around all weekend (it's empty, but I REALLY don't want M to throw it away yet). Also, as you watch the video you'll hear an ice cream truck driving down the street - I have no idea what that is yet and M is REALLY thankful!

On Saturday we drove up to Lacon, IL for their 139th annual Old Settler's Festival. After so many years, they know how to put on a grand parade - the firemen threw out yummy ice pops instead of candy, the MC was walking around interacting with each float/group and kept the crowd laughing with his antics, the horses were at the END of the parade for very well thought out reasons, and the benches where I hung out (and entertained everyone around me by "sharing" pebbles I picked up, and tossing a beach ball around) were conveniently placed in the shade!

I'm getting pretty good with identifying animals on my flash cards, but nothing beats seeing the real thing. Tonight, we sat in the front yard and enjoyed a baby bunny's company not more than two yards away. He/she sure loved the sweet grass. I'm looking forward to visiting some orchards with petting zoos and cool playgrounds this fall!
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yardwork after the storm

Ah! I love helping out whenever I can. Yesterday, apparently while I was napping, M moved me down to the basement to wait out the severe storm that passed through the area. Afterfwards we went outside and picked up branches. Of course, G wanted to steal the twigs out of my hand. I was very cross with her. D spent some time in the basement, and loved to hear me pitter patter upstairs.

I've been busy "testing the waters" around the house. For starters, after M sweeps the dog hair and dirt into a pile on the floor, I have been known to get a gleam in my eye and then track my way through the middle of the pile and laugh. This results in a time out, but I still want to do it again and again and again! Then, the other day while the neighbors were over, I sipped in a mouth full of water then proceed to look at Emily with another sparkle in my eye and spit the water out. This resulted in some No!No!'s but ultimately made everyone laugh!

At the park today, some workers were using an excavator and I was totally enthrawled by how it operated. On the walk home I wanted to stop and watch a riding lawn mower in action. Oh, and it really makes my day when a loud garbage truck drives by, a train toots its whistle and a helicoptor flies over head all at the same time.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Lil' Farmer

Look what's growing beneath those gigantic, healthy green leaves! Squash! I love walking out the back door each morning and seeing additional bright yellow blossoms. This plant was grown from seed and has surprised all of us as it lies a foot away from the dogs' favorite digging/napping area. My next door neighbor, Emi, has already asked if we can pass along the first squash we pick to her family!

I never tire of taking rides in the wagon in the backyard. M must have circled the yard 100 times as I "sang" my vibrating tune in the blue seat and tried to fasten the seat belt by myself. We took the same wagon with us as we visited the petting farm today and I never heard so many parents comment on what a lovely wagon (with a shade providing awning!) we had. Oh, at the farm, I laughed as the male turkey "hiccuped" and sent his feathers all up, then would himself down again. And, I ran into the barn and up to the loft in order to come back down the silo slide without M cuing me - what a memory! The same was true of playing in the sand and remembering the tunnel slide where I can come flying out the bottom. I was pretty worn out on the way home, but not enough to fall asleep. You see, I was really excited to get home and jump in the boat pool!
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today I insisted on playing know, throwing, catching, and taking the ball for a walk in the stroller! I even wanted the seat belt fastened around the ball.

I've had to sit in time out a couple of times this week as my latest obsession is trying to pull the dogs' tails. I just grin and laugh as M comes and reminds me not to bother the dogs.

Our backyard, which is shaded by three mature trees, has been a source of great entertainment for me and my neighbors. Emi, Mason and I have formed quite a pack this summer -- riding in the red wagon together (which gives the lucky adult "horse" pulling the wagon a real workout), tossing the ball over the "volleyball net" (a.k.a. fence), splashing water out of the pool at one another, drawing with chalk on the sidewalks, and tossing sticks for Gertie to run after nearly nonstop. We brought the tunnel and playhut outside today and played tag through it. I love laughing when others are being silly and clapping whenever someone does something applause worthy - like going down the slide, jumping off the swings, or catching a ball. Summertime is awesome, and I will miss the lazy afternoons with friends when my older pals return to the classroom next week. Oh, mom, can I go to school with them - please, please!?!! Ipromise to still really still (for 15 seconds), and read my books (upside down and VERY quickly), and eat at the lunch table (while standing up on the chair and only after climbing down and playing awhile first), and do all my homework (as long as I can touch the open glue sticks and magic markers), and I promise to be nice to everyone (especially to all the cute girls who I'll smile at and blow kisses to)!!!
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Friday, August 7, 2009

All in a day's work

Oh, so busy. One minute I'm filling the car up with gas - my meter read 12.5 gallons for $14.75 - what a deal! (And, what an old pump!) The next minute I'm performing for M&D from behind the curtain to the bedroom; taking bows for applause. Then, I'm poking M&D in the eye sockets because I've learned that poking my own eyes doesn't feel good.

At the park the other day, I laughed when a St. Bernard and a Neufoundland jumped onto the playground equipment along with their owner. What silly dogs! They were very friendly and just big kids at heart themselves.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh boy!

Here I am playing in some flour while M was fixing dinner. I also mixed water in my snack bowl and upturned the dogs' food bowls all over the kitchen floor. Needless to say, when D walked through the door after work, I was playing happily in the bath tub.

Today while grocery shopping with M, I "drove" around in the big red race car. The turning radius is crazzzyyy...luckily I didn't knock anything or anyone down. I also munched on a red radish and kept asking for more. At least three women couldn't believe I loved radishes.

A big storm passed through town was great napping weather. I slept for most of the morning. That is, after I spread the blocks, dominoes, wooden puzzle pieces and balls all over the floor. Gee, what will I ever do if M has her way and I learn to pick up my toys to the "clean-up song"??
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Monday, August 3, 2009

Well loved "clunker"

This is a picture of our family in front of D's beloved white Jeep - what adventures we've had in it!

Yesterday, we picked up our canoe that was borrowed for VBS and headed down to Banner Marsh for a little outdoor play. I stayed very still on M's lap while D did all the paddling. I loved wearing my life vest and looking backwards over M's shoulder at D. He's such a skilled boatsman. I saw lilly pads that were flowering, lots of green marsh grasses, cranes, fish jumping out of the water, and the odd fisherman or two out in their boats. I'm ready to go again.
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