Friday, August 14, 2009

Lil' Farmer

Look what's growing beneath those gigantic, healthy green leaves! Squash! I love walking out the back door each morning and seeing additional bright yellow blossoms. This plant was grown from seed and has surprised all of us as it lies a foot away from the dogs' favorite digging/napping area. My next door neighbor, Emi, has already asked if we can pass along the first squash we pick to her family!

I never tire of taking rides in the wagon in the backyard. M must have circled the yard 100 times as I "sang" my vibrating tune in the blue seat and tried to fasten the seat belt by myself. We took the same wagon with us as we visited the petting farm today and I never heard so many parents comment on what a lovely wagon (with a shade providing awning!) we had. Oh, at the farm, I laughed as the male turkey "hiccuped" and sent his feathers all up, then would himself down again. And, I ran into the barn and up to the loft in order to come back down the silo slide without M cuing me - what a memory! The same was true of playing in the sand and remembering the tunnel slide where I can come flying out the bottom. I was pretty worn out on the way home, but not enough to fall asleep. You see, I was really excited to get home and jump in the boat pool!
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  1. Your Great Grandpa Meyer would be so proud of you Farmer Julian - You ol' Hayseed.

    Your Great Grandpa Gindra would be so proud of you in a boat - Fishherman Julian - even if the boat did spring a leak and have water inside the boat