Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What sound does a lion make?

It was like I was on a safari this week -- twice I went to the Zoo. My favorite part? you ask. Well, that would have to be a tie between running down (a little unstably at times) the wide wooden ramps around the animal enclosures and walking "off the beaten path" to tickle myself with the tall savannah-like grasses. From the grin on people's faces, I'd say I was as much fun to watch as the animals. At least, M thought so!

My backyard has become habitat to many wonderful creatures too. M uncovered a little garden snake while mowing the grass last night - it was only as thick as her little finger and maybe twelve inches long. I have been pulling cicada shells off the tree trunks to admire them - and then squish them between my probing little fingers. I crawled under the picnic table to pick up an itsy bitsy cricket. Daddy long legs are in abundance, especially around my play house. A rather large frog was hopping around but slipped through the fence before I could catch it and stuff it in my pocket. Darn!
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