Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My newest trick

Pretty soon I'll be ready to try out for the circus! You see, I have another incredible, adorable, absolutely amazing new trick to perform for you -- I can SPIN around in circles! Yep, M showed me how and today was the day for showing off my new trick. I went around the kitchen practicing my spins. In fact, I barely finished one session of spinning and then I would start all over again. This continuous turning around and around caused me to become quite dizzy; sometimes I would be standing still for a moment and fall over with my next step. Don't worry, I have lots of cushioning so I didn't hurt myself.
So, let's see, I can bend over and look at the world through my legs upside down; throw balls in front AND behind me; give kisses to M's knees; attempt to climb on Gertie for a ride;laugh aloud at balloons losing their air; and make some of the most outrageously, dramatic faces. Guess which performer I'd be at the circus???

In other news, M took me for a photo op so we'd have some cute pictures to distribute for Mother's Day and I wouldn't smile - the photographer was busy trying to help too many people at once. Afterward, however, I stood in the aisles of Sears admiring the gas pressure washers and flirting with anyone who walked by; then, at the grocery store I made ladies in the check-out line laugh and couldn't seem to wipe the silly grin off my face for the longest time!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garage sales!

I took M and D out to a garage sale this morning and got a cool fire truck for 50 cents! Boy was that fun! Afterwards I fell asleep awkwardly on D.

Oh, and I've neglected to mention this week's activities. Don't worry, the water was quite warm and M was had a change of clothes ready.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cabin fever, be gone!

I spent about eight hours outdoors today....loved it! In fact, each time mom tried to coax me inside I pouted a little until we went outside again. I was eager to splash around in water too. However, it was still too cool to pull out my pool or run around in the sprinkler, so I upended one of the dogs' water bowls instead and then put the bowl on my head!

These days I love throwing balls into my basketball hoop. I've been experimenting on what size is the easiest to shoot in the basket - beach balls are the easiest, however, they don't fall down the hoop as well as heavy juggling balls. Of course, tossing my teddy bear or a plastic airplane in the hoop is fun also! Now, if I could just get the angle right for tossing a spatula, broom handle or one of the other long, pole-like items that I obsess about everyday.

At the park, I love going down the slides with mom, swinging, and rocking back and forth all by myself on the model Space Shuttle. Mom says I rock with so much passion that she is frightened I really will rocket propel myself into space one of these days!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Littlest Magician

Yep, those are metal chop sticks, and I did successfully lick food off them!

I have already perfected a couple of magic tricks at my young age: 1) the disappearing act - this is when I walk over to the trash can and drop in whatever item I've just picked up making things "disappear" (nothing is too difficult for this Houdini-in-Training: chop sticks, toy helicopters, Daddy's watch); even at Border's Bookstore the other night I had to practice my act because their trash cans had swinging lids that were REALLY cool to push; 2) pulling cloth out from under objects - yes, I can remove the cloth under the dogs' water and food bowls without knocking anything out of place; however, that bowl full of wet, wet water is just too enticing not to keep my little fingers out of - I love splashing!!!

Dad says my favorite beverage this week is "coffee, coffee" - I've had a cough and runny nose that I happily shared with Mom and Dad. Just as I was starting to feel better, this evening I pressed down on a squishy ball too enthusiastically and ended up with a bloody nose!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

"X" is for xylophone; "Y" is for yogurt; "Z" is for zipper

XYZ! Now you can practice your alphabet along with me! Yes, I'll confess to having some writer's block these past couple of days. You see, the weather has been quite nice so M and I have started taking long walks in the Jeep stroller again. In fact, we had to use 5th gear - that's when M jogs behind the stroller - in order to make it to Book Babies at the library on time yesterday since we left the house a little late. Don't worry, we made it!

So, here's a little music for you - me on the xylophone:

I love yogurt - plain ol' yogurt tastes great to me. Sometimes M does like to "fancy" it up with yummy fruit like blueberries, strawberries, or mango:

I'm obsessed with zippers. They are METAL after all; who couldn't resist then?!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"V" is for vroooooom; "W" is for window

I got to drive for the first time today - vroom, vroom! M had to raise the seat up a bit for me. Here in Illinois, they give out baby permits at 12-months of age. Tee, hee - Happy April Fool's Day!!
It is still a little chilly up here in Central Illinois, but I've been testing out my new clubhouse. I love opening and closing the shutters over the windows. And, I have my own telephone line out there - 1-800-LOVE-JVS

Can you believe that I received four shots at my 1-year check-up? You wouldn't know it from how smiley I've been this afternoon. I'm a big, brave boy now!