Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My newest trick

Pretty soon I'll be ready to try out for the circus! You see, I have another incredible, adorable, absolutely amazing new trick to perform for you -- I can SPIN around in circles! Yep, M showed me how and today was the day for showing off my new trick. I went around the kitchen practicing my spins. In fact, I barely finished one session of spinning and then I would start all over again. This continuous turning around and around caused me to become quite dizzy; sometimes I would be standing still for a moment and fall over with my next step. Don't worry, I have lots of cushioning so I didn't hurt myself.
So, let's see, I can bend over and look at the world through my legs upside down; throw balls in front AND behind me; give kisses to M's knees; attempt to climb on Gertie for a ride;laugh aloud at balloons losing their air; and make some of the most outrageously, dramatic faces. Guess which performer I'd be at the circus???

In other news, M took me for a photo op so we'd have some cute pictures to distribute for Mother's Day and I wouldn't smile - the photographer was busy trying to help too many people at once. Afterward, however, I stood in the aisles of Sears admiring the gas pressure washers and flirting with anyone who walked by; then, at the grocery store I made ladies in the check-out line laugh and couldn't seem to wipe the silly grin off my face for the longest time!


  1. An Aerospace Engineer in the Circus?

  2. Julian is learning early how to play spin the bottle!