Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cabin fever, be gone!

I spent about eight hours outdoors today....loved it! In fact, each time mom tried to coax me inside I pouted a little until we went outside again. I was eager to splash around in water too. However, it was still too cool to pull out my pool or run around in the sprinkler, so I upended one of the dogs' water bowls instead and then put the bowl on my head!

These days I love throwing balls into my basketball hoop. I've been experimenting on what size is the easiest to shoot in the basket - beach balls are the easiest, however, they don't fall down the hoop as well as heavy juggling balls. Of course, tossing my teddy bear or a plastic airplane in the hoop is fun also! Now, if I could just get the angle right for tossing a spatula, broom handle or one of the other long, pole-like items that I obsess about everyday.

At the park, I love going down the slides with mom, swinging, and rocking back and forth all by myself on the model Space Shuttle. Mom says I rock with so much passion that she is frightened I really will rocket propel myself into space one of these days!

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