Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"V" is for vroooooom; "W" is for window

I got to drive for the first time today - vroom, vroom! M had to raise the seat up a bit for me. Here in Illinois, they give out baby permits at 12-months of age. Tee, hee - Happy April Fool's Day!!
It is still a little chilly up here in Central Illinois, but I've been testing out my new clubhouse. I love opening and closing the shutters over the windows. And, I have my own telephone line out there - 1-800-LOVE-JVS

Can you believe that I received four shots at my 1-year check-up? You wouldn't know it from how smiley I've been this afternoon. I'm a big, brave boy now!


  1. Whew! you sure had us going there for a minute with that driving gag!
    Grandma and Grandpa Sturm

  2. Are you stuck on "X"?

    I keep looking every day waiting for the X!