Saturday, June 27, 2009

This little piggie went to...wait a minute...this little piggie isn't so little!!!!! He was incredibly dirty and smelly too! And, not very socialable. M&D took me to Fon da Lac park over in East Peoria - boy, did I enjoy the outing. Not only could I give the tastey ice cream cone full of animal feed-pellets to the goats, sheep, ponies, myself...but, I also squirted water at M out of the pretend cow's udder, slid down the spiral slide in the silo, and played in the sand in the playground. My favorite part, however, was visiting the one room school house. I thought I was pretty hot stuff sitting in the desk and having a snack, then lifting the seat up and down, putting my fingers down the inkwell hole, and teasing D about wearing the "dunce" cap. After the farm, M&D enjoyed Greek food from a local deli while I napped in the stroller - they promised to take me back some day so I could sample the delicious menu selections. M&D were thoroughly entertained while they ate by stories from the owner who is the nephew of one of Nick's co-workers! Then, when I woke up we were at Auer Park where I played in another sand pit, and slid down a twisty slide all by myself.

This evening we enjoyed hot dogs with the neighbors. Then, scurried to collect all the toys and dash inside as a severe thunderstorm started rolling in. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow tonight, and M made me a cozy nest downstairs just in case those winds cause any damage...somehow I always remember these little details in order to write about them! Zzzzzz
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Our adventures today took us to the library to see a presentation by the Snakeman from the Snakeshop based in Quincy, IL. As you can see by the photo M took, I amused myself during the hour-long show-&-tell style lecture by slithering around on the carpet. I also ate alot of raisins, peas, some sun screen lotion that I managed to get the cap off of, and kept motioning "please" to the kid next to me who was happily munching on Cheerio's which I desperately wanted. M & I will probably dream of snake adventures tonight.

Let's see, I've been hanging out in the cool basement more recently, which means that I climb up and down the stairs a zillion times a day. This has probably had a direct link on my ability to climb out of the tub, onto kitchen chairs, and up on the bed all by myself now too. I love the challenge!
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Exercising body and mind

Well, M was at it again trying to enhance my mental capabilities with exercises/activities out of the "Teach Your Baby" book written back in the 1970's. However, I had my own ideas about exercise ... What do you think; am I future championship weight lifting material?

I was also busy today laughing at Mr. Potato Head. When he'd stick out his tongue, I would too; when he'd swing his arms, I would too; when he put his toy pipe in his mouth, I did too (backwards)!

This evening, I was very affectionate towards Bongo. Sharing a banana together must have really bonded us. I chased him around the house for awhile. Then, when he was lying down,I climbed onto his back and raised my arm like I was a cowboy. M & D were nervous for Bongo the whole time and kept trying to distract me so I wouldn't do it again. That sort of worked?!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who's your daddy?

Geez Louise, M is quite the bargain shopper sometimes. While at Big Lots she ran into a clearance sale on a Green Tea Energy Drink (two of D's favorite things combined) with the very timely brand name of "Who's Your Daddy?" How could we pass up the opportunity? Don't worry; M filled up my can with wholesome milk when I posed for this picture. Mmmm!

D and I have been providing nightly entertainment. I try to chase D around in a circle around the house while he gets far enough ahead of me to hide then jump out in surprise. Boy, it sure makes me giggle!

I played in a puddle of mud yesterday at the neighbor's house. Since my shirt was off, M painted a big brown happy face on my tummy! Ooooh, what squishy, messy, pure delight fun!

At the library, M picked up the book "B is for Beer...A Children's
book for Grown-ups, A Grown-Up Book for Children" by Tom Robbins. It begins 'Have you ever wondered why your daddy likes beer so much?' It discussed the history, making, and enjoyment of beer while including fairies, birthday cakes and happily-ever-after (sort of). Maybe I could write the sequel someday ..."C is for Coffee...A Children's Book for Mommies..."

These days I am really into the sport of climbing. Tonight I laid my tricycle down with the handlebars up to the ceiling and pretended to ride standing up!!! Ask me what sound a car/motorcycle makes and I'll reply with a heartfelt "bbbrrrrrr" I my father's son, or what?!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Man of action....looking for a reaction!

Here's my take on a "riding lawnmower"-I think strollers in this design would be the talk of the town...he, he! This weekend I was busy taking M&D around and about. First to the Tremont Turkey Festival complete with carnival, craft show, second-hand sale, and playground, of course! Then, to the Farmers' Market on the Riverfront where I enjoyed a fresh radish. Let's see, at Big Lots I pulled a chocolate candy on a stick off the shelf and started to enjoy it before a sales lady saw me; M hadn't noticed because she was too busy grabbing NutriGrain bars at a bargain price, and I was face forward in my stroller instead of a shopping cart. (It was worth it!!) We enjoyed the weather outdoors at Pekin park; I chased eight ducklings and their two mothers across the grass into the lake. Later we took D by the Zoo (it was free for all Dad's today) to see the new African exhibit, but the line was so long we played in the park instead; M said I was the monkey they wanted to see in action anyways. I didn't disappoint them - I loved playing in the sand below the swings (trying to swim through it; rolling around in it; digging down into it; rubbing it through my hair).

I've really developed my skill at arching backwards - while on the swing, while riding my tricycle, while someone is carrying me. I've also started a new dance sensation thanks to my dad's instruction - I snort (yes, through my nose!) while stomping my feet and waving my arms at the side.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Me, spoiled?

Don't worry; I'm keeping myself from being climbing into the refrigerator! It's a really coooooolllll place to hang out. I always feel so fresh when I'm playing in the fridge.

Well, the mysterious purple flowers out in front of our house are in full bloom again....actually, M's been told their name before, but we both can't remember it at the moment. In this picture I am carrying the bouquet like I'd imagine a man is supposed to handle them - gotta make it look like I'm working hard. This selection of flowers went up to the ladies at the library. Gee, I hope none of my other female fan club members become jealous by my generous gift giving! I love you all!!!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sweet Pea

Organic foods are being grown at my house these days - well, just sweat peas, beans, spinach and carrots! (Don't tell M & D, but I've caught Gertie and Bongo "fertilizing" the bean stalks.) Picking the peas out of the pods took lots of concentration; the taste of the fresh peas was well worth all the hard work though. My favorite part of gardening is helping M pull the "weeds", I don't really know what I'm pulling, so anything with leaves gets yanked out of the ground by me, 'lil farmer Julian. Oh, yeah, and I could stand holding the garden hose all morning if I was allowed too - sometimes I even offer M a drink of cold, running water from the hose.

Today was a great day for chalk art too. M says it's going to storm again tomorrow, so she wanted to capture me and some of my art on film before it's washed away. I'm actually looking forward to the raining day tomorrow, because it's the start of the summer session of Book Babies at the library. I wonder how many of my friends will be sporting farmer tans like I am (especially around the back of my neck above my onsies where M forgets to spread the sunscreen lotion).