Sunday, June 14, 2009

Man of action....looking for a reaction!

Here's my take on a "riding lawnmower"-I think strollers in this design would be the talk of the town...he, he! This weekend I was busy taking M&D around and about. First to the Tremont Turkey Festival complete with carnival, craft show, second-hand sale, and playground, of course! Then, to the Farmers' Market on the Riverfront where I enjoyed a fresh radish. Let's see, at Big Lots I pulled a chocolate candy on a stick off the shelf and started to enjoy it before a sales lady saw me; M hadn't noticed because she was too busy grabbing NutriGrain bars at a bargain price, and I was face forward in my stroller instead of a shopping cart. (It was worth it!!) We enjoyed the weather outdoors at Pekin park; I chased eight ducklings and their two mothers across the grass into the lake. Later we took D by the Zoo (it was free for all Dad's today) to see the new African exhibit, but the line was so long we played in the park instead; M said I was the monkey they wanted to see in action anyways. I didn't disappoint them - I loved playing in the sand below the swings (trying to swim through it; rolling around in it; digging down into it; rubbing it through my hair).

I've really developed my skill at arching backwards - while on the swing, while riding my tricycle, while someone is carrying me. I've also started a new dance sensation thanks to my dad's instruction - I snort (yes, through my nose!) while stomping my feet and waving my arms at the side.

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  1. You sure are a fast learner! It usually takes someone two years of practice to perfect the Pig-Monkey Stomp!
    Grandma Mary