Thursday, June 18, 2009

Who's your daddy?

Geez Louise, M is quite the bargain shopper sometimes. While at Big Lots she ran into a clearance sale on a Green Tea Energy Drink (two of D's favorite things combined) with the very timely brand name of "Who's Your Daddy?" How could we pass up the opportunity? Don't worry; M filled up my can with wholesome milk when I posed for this picture. Mmmm!

D and I have been providing nightly entertainment. I try to chase D around in a circle around the house while he gets far enough ahead of me to hide then jump out in surprise. Boy, it sure makes me giggle!

I played in a puddle of mud yesterday at the neighbor's house. Since my shirt was off, M painted a big brown happy face on my tummy! Ooooh, what squishy, messy, pure delight fun!

At the library, M picked up the book "B is for Beer...A Children's
book for Grown-ups, A Grown-Up Book for Children" by Tom Robbins. It begins 'Have you ever wondered why your daddy likes beer so much?' It discussed the history, making, and enjoyment of beer while including fairies, birthday cakes and happily-ever-after (sort of). Maybe I could write the sequel someday ..."C is for Coffee...A Children's Book for Mommies..."

These days I am really into the sport of climbing. Tonight I laid my tricycle down with the handlebars up to the ceiling and pretended to ride standing up!!! Ask me what sound a car/motorcycle makes and I'll reply with a heartfelt "bbbrrrrrr" I my father's son, or what?!

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