Saturday, June 27, 2009

This little piggie went to...wait a minute...this little piggie isn't so little!!!!! He was incredibly dirty and smelly too! And, not very socialable. M&D took me to Fon da Lac park over in East Peoria - boy, did I enjoy the outing. Not only could I give the tastey ice cream cone full of animal feed-pellets to the goats, sheep, ponies, myself...but, I also squirted water at M out of the pretend cow's udder, slid down the spiral slide in the silo, and played in the sand in the playground. My favorite part, however, was visiting the one room school house. I thought I was pretty hot stuff sitting in the desk and having a snack, then lifting the seat up and down, putting my fingers down the inkwell hole, and teasing D about wearing the "dunce" cap. After the farm, M&D enjoyed Greek food from a local deli while I napped in the stroller - they promised to take me back some day so I could sample the delicious menu selections. M&D were thoroughly entertained while they ate by stories from the owner who is the nephew of one of Nick's co-workers! Then, when I woke up we were at Auer Park where I played in another sand pit, and slid down a twisty slide all by myself.

This evening we enjoyed hot dogs with the neighbors. Then, scurried to collect all the toys and dash inside as a severe thunderstorm started rolling in. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow tonight, and M made me a cozy nest downstairs just in case those winds cause any damage...somehow I always remember these little details in order to write about them! Zzzzzz
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