Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Our adventures today took us to the library to see a presentation by the Snakeman from the Snakeshop based in Quincy, IL. As you can see by the photo M took, I amused myself during the hour-long show-&-tell style lecture by slithering around on the carpet. I also ate alot of raisins, peas, some sun screen lotion that I managed to get the cap off of, and kept motioning "please" to the kid next to me who was happily munching on Cheerio's which I desperately wanted. M & I will probably dream of snake adventures tonight.

Let's see, I've been hanging out in the cool basement more recently, which means that I climb up and down the stairs a zillion times a day. This has probably had a direct link on my ability to climb out of the tub, onto kitchen chairs, and up on the bed all by myself now too. I love the challenge!
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  1. Not only are you slitherin', but you're rolling snake eyes! (ha)