Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanging around outdoors

I feel like such a five year old...wait a minute, I'm only 16 3/4 months still....but, I've been watching those other kids on the playground and I can make up my own cool tricks too! Here I am just hanging out on the swing. Notice the mustard bottle that I've been carrying around all weekend (it's empty, but I REALLY don't want M to throw it away yet). Also, as you watch the video you'll hear an ice cream truck driving down the street - I have no idea what that is yet and M is REALLY thankful!

On Saturday we drove up to Lacon, IL for their 139th annual Old Settler's Festival. After so many years, they know how to put on a grand parade - the firemen threw out yummy ice pops instead of candy, the MC was walking around interacting with each float/group and kept the crowd laughing with his antics, the horses were at the END of the parade for very well thought out reasons, and the benches where I hung out (and entertained everyone around me by "sharing" pebbles I picked up, and tossing a beach ball around) were conveniently placed in the shade!

I'm getting pretty good with identifying animals on my flash cards, but nothing beats seeing the real thing. Tonight, we sat in the front yard and enjoyed a baby bunny's company not more than two yards away. He/she sure loved the sweet grass. I'm looking forward to visiting some orchards with petting zoos and cool playgrounds this fall!
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  1. oh my gosh, at the rate you are growing you should be getting a job soon and helping your poor parents with the bills!