Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today I insisted on playing know, throwing, catching, and taking the ball for a walk in the stroller! I even wanted the seat belt fastened around the ball.

I've had to sit in time out a couple of times this week as my latest obsession is trying to pull the dogs' tails. I just grin and laugh as M comes and reminds me not to bother the dogs.

Our backyard, which is shaded by three mature trees, has been a source of great entertainment for me and my neighbors. Emi, Mason and I have formed quite a pack this summer -- riding in the red wagon together (which gives the lucky adult "horse" pulling the wagon a real workout), tossing the ball over the "volleyball net" (a.k.a. fence), splashing water out of the pool at one another, drawing with chalk on the sidewalks, and tossing sticks for Gertie to run after nearly nonstop. We brought the tunnel and playhut outside today and played tag through it. I love laughing when others are being silly and clapping whenever someone does something applause worthy - like going down the slide, jumping off the swings, or catching a ball. Summertime is awesome, and I will miss the lazy afternoons with friends when my older pals return to the classroom next week. Oh, mom, can I go to school with them - please, please!?!! Ipromise to still really still (for 15 seconds), and read my books (upside down and VERY quickly), and eat at the lunch table (while standing up on the chair and only after climbing down and playing awhile first), and do all my homework (as long as I can touch the open glue sticks and magic markers), and I promise to be nice to everyone (especially to all the cute girls who I'll smile at and blow kisses to)!!!
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  1. Oh, Julian, I am already helping out at school. The new Kindergarten teacher and I will work very closely the first couple weeks as she , like me, did a lot of teaching,but not K. We are laughing a lot.
    Wish you were in my back yard right now playing.
    You are so much fun--and very cute to boot.
    Grandma Shari