Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yardwork after the storm

Ah! I love helping out whenever I can. Yesterday, apparently while I was napping, M moved me down to the basement to wait out the severe storm that passed through the area. Afterfwards we went outside and picked up branches. Of course, G wanted to steal the twigs out of my hand. I was very cross with her. D spent some time in the basement, and loved to hear me pitter patter upstairs.

I've been busy "testing the waters" around the house. For starters, after M sweeps the dog hair and dirt into a pile on the floor, I have been known to get a gleam in my eye and then track my way through the middle of the pile and laugh. This results in a time out, but I still want to do it again and again and again! Then, the other day while the neighbors were over, I sipped in a mouth full of water then proceed to look at Emily with another sparkle in my eye and spit the water out. This resulted in some No!No!'s but ultimately made everyone laugh!

At the park today, some workers were using an excavator and I was totally enthrawled by how it operated. On the walk home I wanted to stop and watch a riding lawn mower in action. Oh, and it really makes my day when a loud garbage truck drives by, a train toots its whistle and a helicoptor flies over head all at the same time.
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  1. What a great helper! Thanks, again for bringing us up to date. Take it easy on Mom, OK? Are you still covering your ears when you hear a loud motor?