Thursday, September 3, 2009

Climbing to new heights

It's been a busy week - learning to climb fences, pushing my 5-year old neighbor on the swing, wearing my snow boots for the first time (no snow on the ground, I just really like my boots - it's my own fashion statement!), playing with my friends at Motor Mites again, helping with the household chores (dragging the tall kitchen trash can by the handle out to the garbage can, playing in soaping dish water, pushing the Swifter around, and the like), and driving the big red cart at Kroger's.

The librarians get a chuckle whenever I hold books up to them to be checked out and then start to "read" the books when they are handed back to me. I also left my sippy cup up at the library this morning while I was playing with the blocks and beads; M has to help me remember to look in the Lost and Found when we go back.

I love making animal sounds these days - I've added a loud clear "maaaaaaaa" for sheep to my repertoire.

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