Tuesday, September 8, 2009

These boots are made for...ME!

Here are my cool Spiderman boots!!! I'm ready for about three feet of snow this year. In the meantime, I've been enjoying the mid-70 degree weather we've been having. This afternoon my neighbors brought over all their outdoor wheeled vehicles they've out-grown. Boy, oh boy am I in seventh heaven. Now I can "drive" around in a Wiggles' Big Red Car, a John Deere tractor, a canopied red buggy, an all-emergency vehicle, an orange tricycle, a green tricycle, a little wheel barrow, and more. The next motor mites play time should be at my house!

After a fun, family filled weekend, today M and I enjoyed some quiet time. But, not too quiet. We danced to the Wiggles' toddler CD this morning. Then, we headed out the recreation center to splash around. I liked pull the strings to tip the buckets of water over on our heads. But, what I really wanted to do - and M wouldn't let me - was join the senior citizens' exercise class; they had neon noodles and dumb bells that looked like great fun. We had a picnic lunch and ran around the playground afterwards. I nearly fell asleep on the way home, but held out for my own crib.
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  1. Hi, Julian
    Look at your old great aunt Jan, I think I've figured out how to reply to your blog. amazing what not sleeping and an early morning can do for an old brain. Let me know if I've really managed to do this.

    What a big boy you are getting to be! In this pic, you look like you are 3 years old. Please don't grow up too much before I see you again. When are you going to meet me in STL??

    Have fun, but don't wear out your M and D.

    Love ya,
    AJ and Jake

  2. Hi there! Good job posting! Are you beginning to put up Halloween costumes? I can't decide what I'm going to be yet. I suggested a bear - but when I showed my costume to M after my bath, she said I would be too cold trick-or-treating!