Friday, June 11, 2010

Musical train

At Morton's Public Library, they hosted one of our favorite local children's artist, Julie K. As she sang about choo-choo trains, the children formed a couple of lines and paraded around the parents. It was so cute! Julie joined right in without much hesitation. Anything trains, and he is ready to go!
Pekin's miniture golf features a train theme too - coal car, tracks, even a caboose that you go inside to tee off and then hop off to follow your ball down the tubes to the hole. Julian went around and around on that hole five times! And, he played a little game of make believe insisting that mom sit in the train seat and he called out "all aboard" then punched the pretend tickets.

Julian only teed off the actually tee the first turn. After that he would just run up to the hole, place the golf ball about three inches away, then bend over and take his shot. He was very curious when the ball disappeared down the tube at the 18th hole. He didn't want any other balls to go down there since they weren't returned to you!

At McDonald's (or, should I say "cock-a-doodle doo"), Julian made a new friend. He and Maurice were big cheeses in front of the cameras!

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