Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Claus is coming to town

Joining in the Christmas celebration at the library was lots of fun. I got to decorate cookies with icing and SPRINKLES!!! We made ornaments that matched my Santa Claus outfit. Then, the big man himself came by to visit us. I really didn't want to go up near him, but I sat quietly on M's lap and watched with total curiousity as other kids were placed on Santa's knee. Some burst into tears; some clung to their moms; and then others shared everything on their Christmas wish list and had to be pulled away from Santa.

Oh, D's Alumni magazine really caught my eye today. It has a picture of a hammer, gear and chain on the front cover. I immediately ran over to collect my toy hammer and red gear set to show M the association. Yep, cool stuff with lots of possibilities!! I insisted on bringing my toy tricycle and lawn mower inside, so right now I'm in the kitchen with my tools playing mechanic! Love to all!!!
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  1. Merry Christmas Julian! M&D, too! I hope you get to go ouside and make snow angels today. What sound does the train make?