Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's good to be back home

Happy New Year! Julian is going to take the year off from writing his own blog so that he can concentrate on his verbal communication skills, motor coordination and social graces. So, M & D (that's Julian's Mommy and Daddy) will take over posting pictures and sharing stories of our family life for your reading enjoyment. (Maybe this way Julian won't be upset later in life that Mommy hastily titled this blog spot "Sturmette" a year ago. The oddity probably bothers her more than him anyways.)

Well, Julian seemed incredibly happy to be back home -- he crawled into his blue tent among his familiar toys and waved "bye, bye" to Mommy when she suggested going back out to the grocery store together. He also is his father's son -- back in comfortable surroundings he soon had a BM. After Mass this morning, Julian quickly fell asleep as pictured below:
That's one exhausted toddler!

We arrived home to lots of snow but thankfully a neighbor had plowed our hilly driveway for us! It's been too cold to enjoy sledding down our front lawn or making snow angels -- perhaps we'll brave the elements tomorrow.

Trains were a reoccurring theme this holiday. Here are some recent photos capturing just a few of those special moments - all aboard!Enjoying the model train at Grandpa's house!

Braving the elements at the Museum of Transportation!"Climbing aboard the train" - new sand/water play station!

Intense train play with friend, Jack Kelly!

Toot, toot for now....
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