Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Choo! Choo!

The engineer testing the tunnel!

Julian's fascination with trains has continued. (But don't worry, he is still quite the toolman when something appears broken and needs "fixing".) Yesterday, we brought home more than a dozen books that are all train related - Barney's Book of Trains, Train Song, Thomas' ABC Book, and more! The librarian was tickled with Julian's newest craze and kindly photocopied her list of train books, videos and music for us. Did you know that all the Thomas the Engine books are alphabetized by title; which 99/100 times starts with "Thomas"?!

We ventured out to an indoor playground today. Yes, it is literally outdoor play equipment set-up indoors. It's the Rainbow Play Systems showroom. Another mom mentioned it on Monday, so we just had to go check it out. They allow kids 2 and under in for free, and those older for $5. Besides the five jungle gym sets (complete with slides, swings, rock climbing walls, chalkboards, silly distorting mirrors and such), they have a basketball hoop, party room and very clean bathroom facilities. Julian had a ball! It was fun to watch him zip down the slides with a punk rock hair style due to all the static electricity built up. He played hard, but was predictably ready to leave at 11:15am when he started to sign that he was hungry and thirsty. He started his nap on the car ride home!

Earlier this morning we worked on an Epiphany-related craft project. As you can see, Julian thoroughly enjoyed sprinkling glitter on the banner. He even tried to lick some that was stuck to his finger - hope I don't see any traces of that during diaper changing time!
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