Saturday, January 23, 2010

Now wait a minute!

Here we are at Lowe's Build and Grow kids' program. Julian looks a little worried in this picture. Hey, whose kid project is that anyway? As it turned out, Mommy had to go ask for another hammer so that each of the boys could have their own tools to work with. The Tic-Tac-Toe game box turned out great - on the first try! Julian was busy this evening stacking the game pieces into a tower and knocking them over; it's a very versatile game, you know!

As a family we ventured out to the Family Fun Fest at the Peoria Civic Center. Thank goodness they had a Toddler Town set-up this year with its own bouncy castle, because the lines at all the other "big kid" inflatable games were really long. We didn't even bother trying to take a pony ride or have our faces painted. The local gymnastics studio created an obstacle course for the lil' tikes; Julian loved their jungle theme so much that he nearly walked off with their stuffed cheetah. (He did help the cheetah to ride on the rocking horse, go down the slide and crawl through the tunnel before trying to make a get away with him!)

In other news, we can finally see the grass (and lots and lots of mud) in our yard again! It's been under a naturally white cover for nearly a month.
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