Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea for two!

Julian was busy rearranging chairs in the kitchen. First, he pulled over a couple of chairs in order to create a blockade around his favorite "seat" - a.k.a. the spiral shaped plant stand. He played peek-a-boo with the camera a couple of times! Then, he lined them all up in a row which seemed to resemble a train. He even placed a few "passengers" in their own seats -- a stuffed lion and a Dalmation puppy dog.
Later on he set-up a tea party scenario. We had read a story featuring a tea party the night before; I suppose he remembered. I supplied him with some snacks and water which he quickly divided between himself and his furry "guest". He seemed quite pleased with himself and his domestic skills!In other news, on a visit to the Illinois State Museum over the weekend for their Olympic-themed Super Saturday program, Julian was caught trying to pick the nose of a moose. Yuck!! For his fine digging skills, he won the gold medal:
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