Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Toddler tricks

I was finally able to catch Julian in the act of doing his handstand. He picked up this trick after participating in a toddler's gymnastics course at Family Fun day at the Peoria Civic Center. As you can see by his quick get-away in his box car, he'd rather not have his gymnastics tricks filmed until he's perfected them! :-)

Right now the little man is scanning the bar codes on some library books with his toy register. Do you think we visit the library too often?? Hope we don't have a late fee to pay - Julian's piggy bank is already swelling!

Another "trick" Julian has picked up from his parental units is hanging coats up over the back of a kitchen chair. Of course, Julian insists on taking off his zippered sweaters, jackets and PJs (which he is supposed to be currently wearing indoors) and hanging those up over his little chairs too!

Daddy has been helping Julian develop a skill - writing his name. Julian really does like drawing, especially with Daddy's new MECHANICAL pencils:

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