Sunday, May 2, 2010

That's what little boys are made of!

Julian has attended four Chiefs' minor league baseball games now. So, he was practicing his own baseball skills the other day. What do you think of this sitting down technique?! He was quite pleased with himself!
Bath time was a whole lot more appealing the other night when Mom whipped out a travel size can of shaving cream. Julian thought it was funny sticking the rubber ABC's to his belly too!
Julian attended not one, but two children workshops this past weekend. He was in full concentration with the rather large hammer Home Depot provided for the kids. Lowe's usually has only small hammers for the younger crowd, so the heavier hammer was a really big deal!
The picket fence planter seemed to have Julian's seal of approval. He even found a little house plant to set in it which he had to kneel down and admire in the middle of the aisle on the way to the check-out.
At Wildlife Prairie Park, Julian thought the giant frog was a hilarious sandbox playmate.
Most of the animals were behind enclosures, however, this little turtle was found along the walking path. Julian had to show Mommy and Daddy how its head goes in and out of its shell (poke, poke). Then, he released it back into the talk grasses along the side of the path with that new baseball arm of his while Mommy rummaged through her book bag for the hand sanitizer!

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