Friday, May 14, 2010

Trucks! Trucks! And more trucks!

We met up with friends at the annual Touch-A-Truck event hosted by the Peoria School District today. Each kid received a "I touched a truck." sticker and bag for collecting prizes, snacks, coloring book, crayons, etc. Julian was all business as he headed out to see the trucks!
Julian got into hip action with some other kids soon enough. Fun, lively music played the entire time. I wish I would have taken a picture of the DJ (husband of the clown we noted)- he had six huge speakers set-up. They did the trick that's for sure, as it was a windy day and truck horns were honking constantly!
Julian was the last to part with his hula hoop; it was difficult to carry with both hands!
We took a break from touching the trucks, and sat under some trees to eat lunch. Julian kept watching all the action though!
Not my ideal place for a comfortable nap, but Julian must have known something we grown-ups didn't because before long two other boys jumped into the front loader too!

They all seemed tickled by their cleverness!
Inside the stadium they had carnival like activities for the kids. Julian was calm, cool and collected participating in the craft-like task of filling an elephant charm necklace with colored sand.
He was pretty good at fishing too! Maybe we'll take him to the fishing derby in Peoria this Saturday!

He was really ready to take off and drive this tractor across the parking lot while wearing his hard hat from Ameren UE, of course. Julian was pretty proud of himself for climbing into the driver's seat of the school bus. In fact, he reached for the CB radio at one point and seemed to be role playing!

We'll probably go see more fire trucks this weekend at the 2nd Annual Fire Days in Pekin. There's a parade and free kid entertainment....they don't have to tell us twice!!

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