Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fun in the sun!

Gotta have shades for this sunny weather! (Oh, yeah, and that annoying sun block M is always smearing on my forehead and cheeks.)

These days I would spend 24/7 outdoors if I could. The only times I come inside are to sleep and sit down to eat - but, don't worry, I do my darnest to let M & D know I'm not too happy about the interruption to my backyard playtime. Today, I discovered the garden hose for the first time and immediately copied M's actions of holding it over the plants. Then, I held it up to my mouth for a taste too - of course! One of the funniest things to watch outdoors is Gertie standing on her hind legs to drink out of the bird bath which she seems to prefer to her water bowl.

Over the weekend I visited the Pizza Machine restaurant in Springfield, IL. They have the world's largest pizza - 60 inches - which costs $300, includes a party package and is delivered to your table via an overhead crane system. The three floors of the restaurant are filled with interactive displays - a slide, a ball rolling along a track that "collides" with wind chimes, an air gun that shoots smoke rings, conveyor belt rollers that spin, cranks to turn, and more. It reminded me of the downtown St. Louis Museum which M & D have yet to take me to - hint, hint. Anyway, M and I were inspired to create our own interactive "machine" in the backyard. Here it is in part (we had yummy pepperoni pizza for dinner too by the way):

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  1. Chimes, sparklies, balls, streamers...everything fun!