Sunday, May 24, 2009

Me, an angel?!

It was a beautiful, warm day so I played in the birds' bath with my imaginary friends! Boy, did I get wet! Then, I enjoyed a tour of Grandpa and Grandma's "estate" in the yellow wagon. Oh, and I had bean and ham soup for the first time - mmmm, it was so good I wouldn't let anyone help me eat it except the dogs who cleaned up the multiple spoonfuls that were tipped over before they made it to my mouth.
I met my second-cousin Jillian Charlotte today. She was a snuggle bug tonight with Grandma. Her older brother, Gavin, and I enjoyed tossing frisbees into a wicker basket -- my throwing arm's not quite like Daddy's yet, but I'm getting there. Gavin REALLY liked Gradpa's pork chops and brats!

It's been a busy time, and to top it all off I'm teething which means I like to sink my teeth into whatever I can get them into!

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