Thursday, May 28, 2009


Mmmm...piiizzzzzaaaa. Need I say more?
Today, I was so thirsty that I held my sippy cup full of orange juice in one hand and my milk cup in the other - a two fisted drinker, M called me.

We picked up a mini-slide from a neighbor down the street tonight. Boy did I have fun. Dad said it was difficult not reaching out and trying to help me each time I climbed the ladder or slid down. I may have been a bit wobbly, but I got the hang of it quickly. At the bottom I always applauded for myself for a job well done!

Grandma Shari and Grandpa Jerry were like kids again pushing my around on the tricycle. I'm not certain who had more fun. Oh, and I LOVED walking around with Uncle Jay's cane sooooooo much that I even tried taking in on the tricycle and down the slide with me!

Love to all!

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  1. You are getting SO big! Ask mom to take more video so we can see you sliding!