Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blast off!

This weekend, the Peoria airshow takes place. It's been a busy aerial week so far. While at the park, I watched helicoptors fly low to the ground, two aircraft fly close by one another, five jets zoom by in formation, and more. I'll have to ask D to tell me more details about all the planes as I'm VERY interested in them. I can even sign "airplane" now! This shuttle is one of my favorite toys at the park to climb aboard and rock on.

In other news this week, I was so thirsty the other day that I tipped over the dog's water and sipped the cool liquid right up off the sidewalk. Yep, I'm all boy through and through!

M didn't even have to ask me to help bring in the emptied trash cans yesterday - I carried the tall kitchen trash can back inside all by myself and was trying to push it up the two steps before M took over. I also like to find things that look "trashy" around the house and put then IN the trash can, but that's another story.

Boy oh boy do I love to sign. I ask politely for help, to go driving, to take a bath, to have a drink (which I didn't want to use when I had the option of sipping dog water off the sidewalk), to eat, and more. I've even made up a few gestures of my own that M&D haven't figured out yet - geez, what does a kid have to do to educate his parents?!
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