Monday, July 20, 2009

Watch out for the trees!

We took advantage of the unusally cool July weather (70 degrees) and went camping. I helped D by blowing into the fire to get it started (from two feet away). I helped the dogs by playing in the dirt pit they dug out under the picnic table (Gertie was so enthusiastic that she nearly buried Bongo who was trying to nap). I helped M take down camp by putting the tent pegs into the bag, and then dumping them out again over and over. And, boy did I get dirty...and, I loved it!

I had fun playing with a wooden glider (for all of five minutes top before I disassembled it and used the wings to dig in the dirt). I had fun playing with the battery operated toy jeep that climbed over sticks and rocks...until the battery ran out. I had fun playing with the dogs water and food bowls, of course. I had fun crawling through the canvas tubes into my play hut that was connected to our bigger family tent. I had fun playing with the spiders - I even picked them up. I had fun trying to climb into the grill and play in the cold ashes. I had fun exploring through the woods, and luckily came away without any ticks. I had fun sitting in the sand, and inspecting the cacti up close (this was Sand Ridge State Forest after all), and made mom promise to bring along my bucket and shovel next time. I had fun playing in the tent after D fell asleep, and M was ready to nod off herself...climbing over the sleeping bags and tapping the sides of the tent. I had soooo much fun that when I finally fell asleep, I slept without a noise the whole night through in the crisp, cool, silent air! Ahhhh....I'm ready to go camping again!
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  1. Once, again, Julian, thanks for the exciting update. We now have our "Julian fix."
    Grandma and Grandpa Sturm

    p.s. Grandpa says, "Dirt is fun!"