Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy "Boot-Day", Grandma!

To my grandmas, and all my wanna-be grandmas - I LOVE YOU!

D and I have a nightly ritual going on...we entertain M by silly marching through the house. The idea is to perform the goofiest "dance" possible which usually ends up resembling a bizarre, rhythmetic foot stomp. 333333333333333333331444444- I must be dreaming about St. Louis. (Yep, I got ahold of the keyboard from M and starting typing...imagine that!) Well, anyways, I'm becoming quite a good little mover and shaker, but sometimes my dances are so obnoxious that I run into the door frames or sofa or even my dancing partner!

Let's see, I love cold lunch meats theses days. Oh, and beef ravioli (although its a mess and does funny things to my normal digestive routines). I love trying new things like grapefruit juice, spinach salad, and foam alaphabet letters. But, my all time favorite thing to consume is still dirty bath water!!

I visited the farm again the other day and fed the sheep for about half an hour. They had the loudest "baaa" that made one little girl nervous to the point of tears, but not me. I loved letting them nibble out of my hands on the alfalfa pellets, but I'd rather eat the ice cream cone myself than share it with the animals. After seeing all the animals, I played in the sand with some older kids - just sat down right in their play area and joined in digging out a tunnel, removing sand from the train sculpture and practicing my sandbox swimming.

My newest thing it clapsing my hands behind my back and strutting around. I'm also "talking" up a storm to anyone and everyone, but most especially just to myself. I read a book to monkey last night as I was falling asleep in my crib. See you later!
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  1. You have some big shoes to fill there, Julian!
    Thanks for the bootday wishes!
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Hey! You're supposed to be baby, and there you are getting to be big boy! Before you know it, you'll fit in those shoes!
    We love your smile!