Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If you can't find the baby cute or ought to at least find him handy!! This is a picture of me helping D put the legs back on our "new" dining room table (from Great-Grandma Alice). Boy, was I sure a busy baby supervising the re-construction of furniture.

Let's see, on Monday at the McDonald's playground an older lady (a 20-month old girl) called me "baby" then threw her arms around my neck and kissed me square on the lips. Ewwww, yuck!

At book babies, I remembered the parachute that Miss Cheryl brought out from three months ago; I showed the other kids how you could run under it when the moms tossed it upwards. Wheeee-what fun!

We toured the Zoo yesterday and again today...I was especially interested in the feeding times (feeding of the other kids that is! Hey, one mom felt sorry for me and passed a french fry over to me!); checking out the wheels other kids were riding around in (wagons, strollers shaped like little cars and more); and looking around for the hidden speakers that were playing African percussion music (one time I even put my ear up to the speaker to see if the cool rhythms were causing the speaker to vibrate). I laughed at the rhinos guarding their corner of the yard from the zebras, and snorted like a pig at the red river hogs. Then, I played in the sand box with some older kids (especially a sweetie with red rimmed glasses) who were at Zoo Camp.
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