Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"FBI" Command Station

Here I am at my "FBI" Command Station - that is, Friendly Baby of Illinois! M and I watched the Inauguration coverage this morning. I had my phones ready for any urgent messages. Of course, all was well so I was able to sit back and enjoy my string of Cheerio's and bowl of whipped cream with red sprinkles on top. Mmmm.

Last night D laughed and laughed at me. He thought my attempts at walking looked more like I was marching. OK, so I lift my legs a little high right now, but I'm just accenting my movements so that everyone takes notice of my hard work. And, learning to walk IS hard work! M says that I'm really getting good at rearranging the furniture - I move chairs, stools, baskets that are blocking cords, my toy piano and anything else that I can grab ahold of to walk behind. Of course I'm learning that grabbing onto Gertie's fur really isn't my best choice for a steady walker.

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