Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr. Independent

Go, go, go...that's me these days. Some days I've crawled so much that my knee hurts, so then I crawl with one leg out straight. Other times I just stand up on my walker and scurry to keep up with it--whee!

Well, there's no doubt about it - I love my dogs! M must not be feeding them enough, however, because they always hang out below my high chair waiting for handouts. I've discovered that when I stretch over the edge G will gently take it from my fist while B waits for something to fall to the floor. So far G is crazy about spaghetti noodles, french fries and Cheerio's. (I wonder if Maw's presence in the house has anything to do with my new "trick".)

Can you make a trilling noise? That's my new sound - a brrrrrrrr. It's great fun. Almost as much fun as wiggling my hips to the ABC's!

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