Friday, January 16, 2009

Music! Music! Music!

This morning I have been making lots of "music". First, there's the usual Toot!Toot! which comes from my lower extremities. Then, I picked up a plastic tube, blew into it and it whistled. Next, D grabbed my toy saxophone, and by golly, I understood that I needed to blow into the mouthpiece. I made some lovely high pitched shrills. Pretty soon I'll be a one-baby band accompanying myself by banging on metal bowls with my wooden spoon. (Oh, did I tell you that I can play the sax upside-down too?! It's so jazzy!)

I've been busy lately trying out my new legs. Sometimes I pull myself up to a stand on the kitchen stools and push those around while I walk behind them. Other times I use the Little Tikes walker to move around the living room. However, I often become curious about the knobs, flaps and roller balls on the front side and therefore cut my walk short so I can investigate how those things move.

Well, I'm off to roll the soccer ball around for a while and chase after it! Toot-a-loo!

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