Monday, January 5, 2009

"Me" as the New Year Baby 2009

It's January 2009, and I am now 9 months old. Mom, Dad, Gertie, Bongo and I are all back home safe and sound after visiting relatives during the holidays. Guess what? I slept through the night on my first night back home in my own crib; it felt great!

Today Mom and I headed up to Riverplex to swim in the splashdown pool, and SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH is what I did. Mom says I take to the water naturally. I didn't bring any water toys with me this trip, but next time Mom thinks it would be OK to bring along Scuba Man and his yellow boat. Mom suggested that I should leave rubber ducky (my favorite bath time toy) at home though because a recreational pool is supposed to be different from a tub.

I supervised M&D (that's Mom and Dad) putting my new toys into the toy chests where I can reach them easily. Have you ever noticed how much fun it is to get everything out and spread it out all over the floor? I just love looking at all my new "stuff"!

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