Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, what a magical day!

My great-grandma, Maw, has come to visit with us this week. We went out shopping at UFS where "It's all about the deals!" and my Maw found an exceptional bargain on this blue kids' tent for only$5. I love it!!!! In and out of it I zip. Once I even tried to crawl out the window causing the tent to collapse - whoops! When D comes home from work, I think I'll invite him inside to read a book about knights to me. This summer I'll take the tent outside and play in the shade while M tends to the garden.

I tasted Coca-Cola for the first time today, and also enjoyed french fries and chocolate cake with whipped cream. Mmmm.

This is going to be a magical week full of fun, music, dancing, reading books, singing nursery rhymes, and oh yeah, a little bit of spoiling!

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