Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing in Peoria!

The winter weather is NOT keeping mom and I inside the house all day long. No, siree...we've been going around and about town checking out all the COOL things for a guy like me to do. For instance, there's play groups like Motor Mites, Totally Tots and Proctor Playhouse where kids get to play, and mom's too! I love watching all the other children. I usually find someone my size to crawl up to and hug. Today I sat on one end of a small teeter-totter while an older kid sat on the other end rocking us up and down - what fun! Oh, and I loved crawling through a tunnel to touch mom's nose on the other side.

Over the weekend M&D took me by our McDonald's in town with the indoor playground. I chased after another kid in the tunnels and M held me as we went down the slide. I look like such a big kid D says. Well, I am already 12 month old clothes after all.

I think I'll spend this afternoon engaging in some active listening. M picked up about a dozen Dr. Seuss books so we could laugh at all the silly words together. She even has the Spanish version of a couple.

Take it easy everyone!

P.S. Anyone know the advantages to letting your dogs clean your baby teeth? Mine are certainly doing a good job of it. M says it looks like we are French kissing.

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