Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here I am in action. I just love Cheerios. M let me loose in the kitchen - it's my winter playground. As you'll see in this video clip I was concentrating really hard to get to the bottom of my bowl of Cheerios. (You can hear me sigh at the end of the video.) Yes, I am wearing a name tag in the video - it was leftover from my morning book babies session at the library.

I love saying "hello"'s difficult for me to say "Cheerio!" (or "bye-bye") as you'll see in this video clip where I keep picking up the phone instead of hanging up. Please excuse the dogs (a.k.a. camera hogs) who love to play with me whenever I'm sitting on the floor having fun!


  1. Hey! I just realized that FP still puts a DIAL on the phone... I'll bet kids all over the country are thinking, what is this
    "dial-y" thing where the touchpad should be?

    I think I'm going to go buy stock in General Mills after seeing the way that boy goes through Cheerios...

    Love you big guy... have M & D give you a kiss from us

  2. Hey Julian, give me a call when Grampa Jerry and Grandma Shari get up. Keep eating those Cheerios, they are good for you! (Except for the ones on the floor, let Gertie and Bongo have those.)

  3. Great video! Thanks for the "Julian fix!" It is so wonderful to see how you are growing! XXXOOOXO