Saturday, February 14, 2009

Will You Be, Will You Be, Will You Be...My Valentine?!

Happy Valentine's Day! Imagine me giving you a kiss right now (it would probably include some baby drool). I had fun playing cupid, bringing lots of love to M & D!

I've had so much fun these past two days visiting with my friend Jack. He's a year and four days older than I am, so boy, was I watching his every move. Jack is really good at sharing toys, signing "thank you" and pointing out various facial parts (ears, nose, etc.). Jack also liked trying new activities like cutting out cookies in the shape of hearts and making valentine vests out of brown paper bags. We visited our neighborhood horse, Nutmeg, and threw Cheerio's on the ground for her. (Who doesn't like Cheerio's?) Then, we monkeyed around, played on the cushions and "danced" to the Backyardigan's CD with our moms. Jack's a great buddy to lean on! (Our outfits seemed to be coordinated both days too - camouflage one day, navy and orange basket ball themed the next.)

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