Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My!

The Peoria Zoo is grrrrrrreat! Look how close I was able to get to the tiger. Some of the exhibits were closed yet for the season, so I've got an excuse to take M back to the zoo again. Plus, a new African area is opening this June; so, "gramma's and grampa's" get your walking shoes together!

While at the zoo, I played veterinarian for awhile. But, mostly I just put on the uniform to impress all the girls zipping by in their strollers! I was still feeling a little under the weather and therefore didn't flash my winning smile at them - darn it!

At home, I greeted D with a very clear "daddy" this afternoon. Boy, it's the little things that seem to mean the most to those parents of mine!


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted about how your days are going. It keeps us going here in St. Louis.
    Grandma and Grandpa Sturm

  2. I remember those tigers. We went there with M&D, too!