Friday, February 6, 2009

Sharing and caring

D says I've contracted my second STD ..."socially transmitted distemper". Yes, I've been a little out of sorts today with a runny nose, sneezes and a cough which breaks up all the yucky mucus I've swallowed. But, hey, I wouldn't give up going out to my play groups where I get to touch all the toys that other snotty-nose kids have touched and hug/kiss all the cute girls with pony tails! M is ready to take out stock in Kleenex...oh, wait a minute, the stock market is down for traditional goods; maybe M should "go green" and buy stock in something like Cotton Baby. Anyway, I'm busy cutting more teeth too, so you can just imagine what sort of weekend we are all in store for. As for learning how to share what I have with others...well, I have no problem passing along my saliva and mucus these days. But that's OK...M & D still love me, and that's all that really matters right now...oh, and maybe that I have the big black spatula with me wherever I go!

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