Monday, February 16, 2009

You should see the other baby...

Well, I received my first "shiner" (under my right eye; your left). You see, I was hanging out at the milk bar on Saturday night when this set of sextuplets came in claiming they were super babies. Well, I couldn't just sit there and listen to such babbling, so I crawled over, and....

M says that I'm certainly not a cry baby - I just shook off my boo-boo and went on playing. M also says chicks dig bruises and scars. I don't know. In the future I think I'll impress the little ladies with my natural cuteness alone!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Julian!

    All my roommates send their kisses to your cheek!

    And we all agree that the best way to impress the ladies, is by flashing that amzing smile of yours! (but getting a shiner is the best way to get all the ladies sympathy! ...althought I don't suggest it!)

    Hope all is well! Miss you little buddy!

    P.S. Send me some of these Cheerios I keep hearing about! This poor college student is getting hungry!