Thursday, March 5, 2009

"B" is for bottle & "C" is for cycle

Taking care of others is easy! Just give them a bottle like I did with my toy puppy and all's good and peaceful in the world.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day - almost springlike - so mom and I jumped in the stroller and checked out the playground. I really enjoyed the slide with rollers. When some older kids came over to play I was in seventh heaven watching all the proceedings. Luckily no one knocked me down. Whew! "C" is for cycle....D headed out on his motorCycle this morning while I zoomed around the house on my triCycle. M must have made 100 loops around the house at least. I love taking my toy puppy or stuffed lion for rides with me. Sometimes G and Bongo like to get in on the action so we go around and around in a tight circle with me chasing after them - they always tire out first! Love to all!!!

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  1. Wow will know all of your ABCs by the time we will see you again. We are taking a Sunday drive with Grandma and Grandpa Gindra this weekend. Let me see....I think "D" is for DAD!