Monday, March 16, 2009

"J" is for Jokes!

Did I tell you about the time I pushed mommy on the tricycle? She loved it.

I tried Jell-O for the first time today. Gertie helped clean-up because I was really messy. It's nearly impossible to pick-up Jell-O on a baby spoon, you know! Later on, M and I went outside and played in the backyard - considering my outfit would need to be laundered already anyways, what harm could a little more dirt do?! What did I play with outside you ask? I filled my Tonka truck with leaves and sticks then pushed the lever to empty the truck bed. I picked up Gertie's toy tennis ball and would hold it teasingly over my head then sometimes give it a little toss into the yard. I found the rake and shovel M was using quite intriguing -- they had long handles on them. I laughed as M pushed me high in the swing. And, I went "off roading" in my red wagon. Oh, this spring and summer are going to be so much fun!

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