Sunday, March 22, 2009

"N" is for nature's boy; "O" is for off-roading; "P" is for performing

It actually felt like Spring this past weekend, so I spent a great deal of time outdoors. D and I pulled a nasty root out of the ground. D liked using his Jeep and chains to get the job done while I supervised from a very safe distance in my own vehicle - my red wagon!Then I enjoyed walking along the fence while M did some outdoor Spring cleaning and raked the out leaves down the hillside. I also sat on the grass drinking my milk and eating some crackers while D tool apart the old garage door. Later on I did have to get my hands dirty - and I mean pitch black on the palms - when I was "inspecting" D's motorcycle wheels. Cool!

Here I am off-roading in my Jeep stroller - check out all the glorious mud! Gertie and Bongo loved this walk with us! They found some sticky stuff in the grass to roll around in, and got so carried away that they rolled down the hill. It was funny!!

One last thing to share. I must take after my mom, because I love performing my tricks - sometimes I get so excited that I do them all at once in a very confusing pattern. Here's a quick video showing off some of my sing-song movements:

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