Thursday, March 12, 2009

"H" is for harmonica

Blow, suck, blow, suck, blow, drool, drool, drool...that's how I play the harmonica, don't you? Sometimes I even chew on the end a little and a note or two will come out. My musical talents and interests are increasing. Let's see, there's still the toy saxophone; add to that a toy accordion with The Giggles' tunes; a plastic tambourine that has dials to help me learn to tell time (or to pull off with my own little hands and chew on - whatever); a stand up piano with a total of three keys - all primary colors; and of course the mandatory instruments for all babies, pots and pans and wooden spoons.

Today I was busy trying to toss a balloon into the basketball hoop; put different hats on; and pull a Velcro heart off a dress-up puppet. Oh, yeah, and I got these things at the end of my legs to take a few balanced steps on their own. Hooray!

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