Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"K" is for keypad, "L" is for lion, "M" is for mud

On Tuesday, my item of the day was a keyboard. I walked around with it for awhile. Don't you love my cool, green St. Patty's sweatshirt - it was a gift from my second-cousin, David, who's studying hard at MST. Mom let me sip a little green kool-aid; Dad had some other green, bubbly drink.

Yesterday, I celebrated my other fav university - Mizzou. Check out my cool jersey:

Yesterday, I also played in the mud in my whitey-tighties!

Today, I was just busy - going to playgroup, running errands, working out in the rock garden, taking M for a walk in my Jeep stroller, and napping.


  1. You look pretty handy on the keyboard already, you will have to teach Grandma Shari to use a keyboard

  2. You're looking pretty GQ in your college clothes little buddy! But let's draw the line at KU, okay? Just say "no" to Jayhawks junk.

  3. I love that Mizzou jersey! I want one just like it!!!

    ...and I agree with Border Collie Mom, KU Jayhawks are stinky! And we don't like stinky!!

  4. I'm glad to see you keeping up your peek-a-boo skills. You are working so much, you need the play....
    Love and grins,
    Grandma Sturm